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KARMILL; It operates in the manufacturing and marketing sectors of feed milling machines, mining machines and recycling machines in Konya.

Our company; machinery, equipment, spare parts and turnkey facilities to institutions and organizations in the milling machinery, mining machinery and recycling machinery sectors. continues its customer-oriented activities by providing project design, production, assembly and service of machines.

In the course of time, we have covered the manufacture of many modern feed mill machinery. In the future, we will give up the understanding of quality production and economic price. We aim to increase this number much higher before it passes.

Since the establishment of our company, it has been the guarantee of providing experience, validity and reliability to its customers.

We offer unlimited solutions for the milling machinery, mining machinery and recycling machinery industry with our knowledge, experience and R&D studies.

Our company, which has the necessary materials, knowledge, team and equipment to fulfill its commitments on time and completely, always strives to do the best and customer service. aims to continuously increase satisfaction.

The main goal of our company is to offer complete solutions as a single contractor. Our company can easily plan, design, manufacture and install, regardless of category. performs it completely.

With our professional understanding of uninterrupted service, we fulfill your after-sales maintenance and repair services of the machines and meet your service and spare parts needs.